Mobile phone is the humans best friend because it eases thinking of brain….yes still I categorise mobile tech as our best friends ,,doesn’t matter that it is gradually easing brain thinking that simply means that it’s killing humans thinking power… My resion behind this is that mobiles never say no to our wish,,it follows our fingertips very honestly and humans ruining their life style gradually in the shadow of mobile tech negative uses…. To be continued

Shoot your stress

Definitely stress is just a hormonal activity of human body and brain is responsible for such kind of stress hormonal activity….we can’t take those hormones out from our body not even a surgery can do so….here the point is that we are to live with those hormones inside us… So why not to control stress…

Many people and even the teenagers are having back pain…obviously Stress is responsible for it.

Doing exercise or yoga is the best for reducing stress…but but but,, do u know the better of the best thing.. Just keep on thinking that you don’t need to take stress… My experience says that I handle even a very easy situation with stress… So it is not wrong to say that stress has become our mindset which exists without making us aware about that and alternately worsen our thinking ability ,,making us confused,,headache etc…etc.. etc..

Handle every situation or do any work according to need and demand of that work..

Just keep on thinking that you don’t need to take stress.